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Red Fox Information, Photos, and Facts

Possessing the legendary reputation for being cunning, the small and clever American Red Fox is respected throughout North America.

The Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) is known for its fur color and long, bushy tail. Catching a glimpse of this clever mammal is always a pleasant experience. American Expedition is proud to present information, interesting facts, and photos of the Red Fox.

Red Fox Facts, Information, Habitat, and Photos from American Expedition.

Photo by Domenico Salvagnin on Flickr

Red Fox Information

A red fox has a relatively long body with dense fur. The fur is typically a rusty red color, and the legs are darker in color, sometimes even black. Foxes have black pointed ears and long canine teeth. On their underside, the fur is white from their nose down to their belly. A male fox, also called a “dog” weighs 10-12 pounds on average, while the female fox, also known as a “vixen,” weighs 9-10 pounds. A male measures 54”-78” long, and a female measures 56”-74” long. Male foxes tend to have a longer snout as well.

Red Foxes mate in the winter and the female fox gives birth to a litter of 2-12 “kits” in the spring. The kits are dark gray in color at the time of birth, but grow a new coat within a month. Both the male and female fox cares for the kits until they are ready to leave in the fall. Female foxes reach sexual maturity at the age of 10 months, while male foxes take a little longer to mature. The average lifespan in the wild is 2-4 years.

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Red Fox Facts

  • Foxes can jump high fences and swim well.
  • There are 3 color morphs of foxes, but the most typical is red.
  • A fox uses its tail, also known as a “brush,” as a cover in the winter when laying down.
  • Red foxes are omnivores.
  • Fox predators include coyotes, bald eagles, gray wolves, bears, mountain lions, and humans.
  • A fox can live up to 10-12 years in captivity, but only about 3 years in the wild.
  • Foxes make scent posts with urine or feces to mark their territory.
  • Foxes can make 12 different vocal sounds. Kits can produce 8 sounds.
  • Red Foxes are nocturnal.
  • Red Fox pounce on their prey to catch it.
  • Foxes have excellent senses. They can hear an animal underground!
  • Foxes constantly hunt for food. Even if they are not hungry, they will save it for their next meal.

Red Fox Habitat

Red foxes live in a wide range in the Northern Hemisphere. They live in grasslands, deserts, mountains, forests, and even suburban areas. They adapt very well to different environments, but prefer wooded areas the most. When it is breeding season, foxes will build dens and stay in them. When it is not breeding season, foxes sleep in the open.

What Do Foxes Eat?

Foxes are omnivores who hunt mainly small rodents, birds and rabbits. However, they will occasionally eat vegetables, fruit, mice, and fish.

Foxes have excellent senses. They can hear an animal underground, and pounce where they think the animal is going!

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A red fox in the woods

Foxes are omnivores, hunting small rodents, birds, and rabbits, but also eating vegetable and fruit.

American Red Fox Information: A red fox being licked by its pup.

Foxes can make 12 different vocal sounds. Kits can produce 8 sounds.

American Red Fox Photos: Close up of a red fox.

Red foxes are omnivores.

American Red Fox Facts: A red fox shown sitting on sand with its tail visible

A fox's tail is also known as a brush.

American Red Fox Habitat: A red fox pup peeking out of its den.

A fox can live up to 10-12 years in captivity, but only about 3 years in the wild.

Red Fox Information, Facts, Habitat, and Photos