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Black Bear Fun Facts and Information

Apr 2nd 2019

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Black Bear Fun Facts and Information

How long is the lifespan of black bears?

Black bears can live 20-35 years unless they are killed by human-related causes.

How fast can black bears run?

Black bears can reach around 35 miles per hour at top speed. They can swim and climb trees very quickly as well.

What do black bears eat?

In the summer, these bears like to eat wild cherries, blueberries, rapsberries, black berries, and other fruits. In the fall, they like to eat acorns and nuts. It's true they like to eat honey and will gnaw through trees to reach beehives.

Where do black bears live? What type of habitat?

Black bears are the most common bears in North America. They inhabit hardwood and coniferous forests with thick ground cover and dense foliage. Males may roam around an area up to 15 miles, while females have a range of 2-6 miles.

What should I do if I see a black bear?

Unless threatened, black bears will seldom behave aggressively toward humans. If you find yourself face-to-face, do not run. Make your presence known by clapping your hands and shouting. If the bear stands up on its hind legs, it is curious about you and your smell. If a black bear attacks, fight back, don't run away or play dead. It will most likely retreat.

How much do black bears weigh? How tall do they get?

Male black bears range from 130 to 500 pounds, and four to six feet in length. Females range from 90 to 370 pounds. The current record is 880 pounds.

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