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Learn About Wildlife

Wild Turkey Facts & Trivia, Information, and Photos Bold, yet cautious, the wild turkey has become one of the great symbols of American mythology. The Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) occ … read more
Wild Turkey Facts & Information
Western Meadowlark Facts, Information, and Photos A symbol of the American West and the Great Plains, the Western Meadowlark is the state bird of Kansas, Montana. Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon … read more
Western Meadowlark Facts, Information, and Photos
Wood Duck Information, Photos, Artwork, and Facts The Wood Duck is a striking, colorful bird that is one of only a few ducks that have claws on their feet, allowing them to perch in trees. Bird … read more
Wood Duck Information, Facts, Photos, and Artwork
Walleye Information, Photos, and Facts Named for its eyes, the Walleye has a reflective film of pigment coving its eyes, helping it see in murky waters. This special adaptation, combined with i … read more
Walleye Facts, Information, Photos, and Fishing Tips
Smallmouth Bass Information, Photos, and Facts This little but strong fighter, the Smallmouth Bass, shows us to never let the situation win over us. No matter how difficult or impossible a task … read more
Smallmouth Bass Information, Facts, Photos, and Artwork