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Pursue your Passion for Wildlife on an American Expedition!


Perhaps big game hunting is your thing and the annual trip to the Rocky Mountains to bag that bull elk is the highlight of your year. Maybe it’s opening day of trout season when you fish shoulder to shoulder, with your father on one side and your son on the other. Or it could be spring turkey season, when the thrill of calling in that big gobbler as he struts across the field towards you, gets your heart pumping. These are the wildlife experiences that make life worth living.

If hunting and fishing is not your thing then maybe bird watching is. There is nothing more relaxing than watching a bird feeder full of colorful song birds. What about watching eagles feed on a nearby river on a cold winter’s day? Or maybe you like to spend your weekends at the cabin where the excitement of catching a glimpse of a wandering black bear or a trophy whitetail deer helps recharge your battery for the busy week ahead.

Wildlife and wildlife-related activities such as hunting, fishing, or wildlife watching have been a part of the fabric of America since the founding of our nation. Wildlife enthusiasts learn the secret to happiness through outdoor adventure and a deep appreciation for wildlife at an early age. This secret is then passed on to the next generation, creating a tradition of love and respect for nature and wildlife that will never be broken. The true essence of this great American tradition is captured in the phrase “American Expedition.” Two words that, when put together with your favorite wildlife species or activity, will tell a thousand tales.

So the next time you want to express your passion for wildlife and wildlife-related activities, do what our brand loyalists have been doing for over a decade now and simply say, “American Expedition!” In the meantime we hope you will join our community of wildlife enthusiasts and participate in our outdoor forum. Here you can share stories of your memorable hunts or fishing trips and post pictures of your trophy kills, record lunker catches, or snapshots you’ve taken of your favorite wildlife. You can also learn about wildlife by accessing the vast amount of information we have assembled… and watch wildlife videos as well!