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Top 10 Bald Eagle Gifts for the Patriotic American

Top 10 Bald Eagle Gifts for the Patriotic American

Posted by Julia S. on Jan 23rd 2017


We all know someone who seems to love America more than the average person. That person who knows the preamble by heart, has a copy of the constitution in their back pocket, and whose wardrobe contains more reds, whites, and blues than anything else. I know you have a person in mind right now that matches that description. Or perhaps that person is you! Either way, you'll love looking at this list of the top 10 Bald Eagle Gifts for the Patriotic American!

Because of the extensive amount of patriotic gifts on the market today, it can almost be overwhelming and a bit of a challenge finding the perfect gift. But we made it easy with this Top 10 Gift List from American Expedition. American Expedition carries gifts for wildlife lovers, and one of the most popular selling themes is the majestic bald eagle products. Listed here are the top 10 very reasonably-priced gifts that any patriotic American would be happy to receive!

1. Bald Eagle Wine/Whiskey Bottle Holder - Express patriotism while maintaining a functional piece of decor in your home. Add a bottle of wine or whiskey and the gift is complete. This will bring many laughs for years to come!

2. American Free Speech Wooden Sign - Love the 1st Amendment? Let everyone know where the free speech zone is with this rustic 12"x16" wooden sign!

3. American Pride Eagle Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Made of 100% heavyweight cotton, this shirt features dramatic illustrations. Are you really an American if you don't own an awesome graphic tee? Come on, it just screams USA!

4. Bald Eagle 15oz Stoneware Coffee Mug - WARNING: Coffee may taste like freedom. But in all seriousness, coffee from this mug tastes exponentially better for some reason.

5. Bald Eagle Brown Leather Wallet - Celebrate America's free market economy with this wallet! With a little hard work, reap the rewards of capitalism and store some of your successes in here! 

6. Bald Eagle Head Bronze Sculpture - This fierce eagle appears to be pretty serious about his role as national emblem of the great US of A.  


7. Bald Eagle Capitol Decanter - Every patriot loves their whiskey, but do they have a high class way of storing and displaying it? If not, it's time to step up the game!

8.  Eagle Anthem 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - This puzzle isn't for just anyone. To really appreciate it, one must see the beauty and majestic nature of the bald eagle. They truly are the bird of all birds! A wonderful tribute to this country! 

9. Bald Eagle Hang-Up Hook - Let this majestic bird watch over your coat or purse while it hangs in the hallway or entryway of your home. No one will mess with him. 

10. Bald Eagle and Flag Wooden Sign - Brighten up the wall with a sign that radiates with love of the country!

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