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After Christmas Sale! 60% Off The ENTIRE SITE!!
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Don't Slow Your Roll

Don't Slow Your Roll

Sep 1st 2016

Let’s go back to a place in the home that we all know very well — the bathroom. In a previous post, I discussed toilet seats, an often overlooked part of the decoration process. I introduced you to a wide range of unique seats that can open your bathroom up to a number of new decorating possibilities you hadn’t thought about before. Since that post, I know that a lot of you have spruced up your bathrooms with toilets seats creatively designed with horses, deer, elk and the super popular camouflaged seat.

Today, we have another must-have that will turn your restroom from a dinky outhouse into a luxurious lavatory. This time I’m talking about toilet paper holders. More important than whether your toilet paper is hanging over or under is what’s holding it. Sure, you could go with the simple stainless steel rod…or you could add an extra splash of life to your bathroom.

Whether you want a conversation piece or want to add a little personality to one of the most important rooms in your house, we have a great selection of toilet paper holders. 

For the cowboy:

We have a hand-painted saddle, the three-feet-tall standing horse and the hilarious horse holding its nose

Horse saddle toilet paper holder

For the hunters: 

We have a range of animal-themed holders including deer, bear, moose and mallard shapes. 

For the fishermen: 

We have a number of bass and reel designs

We even have something for those hard-to-please alligator enthusiasts

You probably haven’t seen many T.P. holders like these and neither have your guests.

As an added bonus, you can also match your new holder with the rest of your bathroom décor. American Expedition carries a great selection of outdoor-themed towel racks and rings, tissue boxes, shower curtains, soap dispensers, trash cans and more.

Don’t let the most visited room in your house be the most boring. Give your bathroom the personality it deserves