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Our Brand

American Expedition™ Brand Products

We design and produce our American Expedition™ brand items to allow wildlife enthusiasts to commemorate and share their passion for America’s wildlife through the items they use in their daily lives. In order to accomplish this, we carefully select high-quality products that have both functional and aesthetic appeal. Then, with the help of our talented illustrators and designers, we develop original artwork that transforms these items into meaningful wildlife gifts and décor. Everything we produce requires tremendous quality illustrations, creative design development, and a thorough review process before it earns the right to bear the name, American Expedition.

We hope our hard work and attention to detail shows through in our collection of wildlife gifts and décor items. When you pick up an American Expedition item, you are not just holding a high-quality functional daily-use item… you are holding an experience; an adventure of exploring and discovering the amazing wonders of America’s wildlife, right in the palm of your hand!

Why is the phrase “American Expedition” on all of our products?

In the mind of an outdoor enthusiast, American Expedition is a phrase that brings to life all that is wildlife - from hunting and fishing, to hiking and bird watching. It is a phrase that evokes memories of past adventures and dreams of future experiences. When wildlife enthusiasts see “American Expedition,” they get a nostalgic feeling of pride for America’s wildlife. It’s like seeing the Starbucks logo and smelling the coffee in your head or seeing the Coca-Cola logo and feeling refreshed.